The Optimization Edge

Reinventing Decision Making to Maximize All Your Company's Assets

Top decision makers at Google, Amazon, Intel and McDonald's have a proven groundbreaking approach to increasing their bottom lines with downsizing: Asset Optimization.

In interviews with top executives and case studies of these organizations, The Optimization Edge reveals how they – and many other – Fortune 100 companies use the latest advances in mathematics and computer software to make real-time decisions that add millions in revenue and cost savings.


What Executives Are Saying
“For executives who don’t have an optimization strategy, this book is a must read. “
—Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS
“At UPS, the ‘optimization edge’ has given us a competitive advantage. It enables us to solve problems of great complexity seamlessly and with increased velocity, resulting in smarter decisions and ultimately bringing greater value to our customers.”
—Chuck Holland, Vice President of Industrial Engineering, UPS
"At McDonald’s our focus has always been on providing maximum value to customers through ‘optimal’ quality and tight cost management, which is why Optimization has become such a pivotal concept for us. Steve Sashihara’s book brings the concept to life.”
—Kenneth M. Koziol, Corp. Senior Vice President, Innovation and Design, McDonald’s Corp.
“Steve Sashihara convincingly demonstrates how the application of advanced quantitative techniques can significantly improve day-to-day decision making, which is what we have done at Quad/Graphics.”
—Dave Blais, Executive Vice President, Quad/Graphics
What Readers Are Saying
“All of today's advances in data, business intelligence and analytics won't find a place at the decision-making table until it finds a language that connects with the everyday decision maker. Steve's book provides that language. It's the language of optimization.”
“If your company has a high volume of repetitive transactions with numerous factors influencing different options, you would do well to read this book.”
“The Optimization Edge provides an intelligent, user-friendly framework to help business people think through their business model and make the adjustments that really matter most. 
“Readers will appreciate Sashihara's provision of a ‘Final Note’ section at the end of each chapter that can help to facilitate, indeed expedite frequent review of key points.” 
“This book is part instruction manual on how to improve your business and part visionary guide to the future. I highly recommend it.”
“[Steve Sashihara] shows managers how to present an optimization program to all levels of their companies, starting with decision-making managers.”
“I was impressed when Sashihara debunked one of the most common statements you encounter in management. It is the statement, ‘Faster, cheaper, better -- pick any two of the three.’ As he points out, many optimization strategies are capable of doing all three simultaneously and to think otherwise is to limit your potential improvements.”