Top Performers Have The Optimization Edge
  • How did UPS save 464,000 driving miles and 51,000 gallons of fuel in Washington D.C. last year without delaying a single delivery? - p. 9
  • Why can Intel make complex personnel decisions in hours, when its competitors take days? - p. 12
  • What change in decision making allowed Marriott to increase revenue by $75 million in 2009, despite a decline in its hotel bookings? - p. 76
  • How did McDonald’s upgrade its Japanese operation and reap an extra $100 million profit in the same year? - p. 120
  • What process did Eli Lilly use to discover and preempt deadly side effects in a cancer drug that is now safe, on the market, and saving lives? - p. 218
  • How does Walmart know exactly which stores to stock with air conditioners during a heat wave, while competitors’ bottom lines wilt? - p. 6
  • How can Pandora online music create individual playlists for each of its 39 million listeners, without hitting a sour note? - p. 80
  • What can any company do to apply Optimization and win? - p. 15